Little Loves // Self Care, Suits and Sourdough

It’s been a while I know but I finally feel like I have a bit of space in my head to note down some bits.  I really love the idea of a weekly summary, I do them at work religiously so I’m not sure why I keep forgetting to do this for home and family as well.  I love the format of Little Loves as it keeps me on track and quite often pushes me out of my comfort zone so here it is for this week.


Self Care for the Real World – It seems like the world and his wife has been reading this little gem since it came out, so much so that I couldn’t pick up a hard copy for love nor money.  I’m not a patient type so I Kindled it in time for my train journey to London last week.  It was so good that I read it all in one day.  It has a little bit of everything in there including some fab sounding recipes for beetroot chocolate cake and salmon skewers with greek rice.  I liked it so much, I’m thinking about purchasing a hard copy as well.

What I Know for Sure – Oprah is the high priestess of translating everything wise and spiritual for masses and I just love this little book from her.  I have read it before, a few years ago, and I don’t tend to re-read books despite my best intentions but something kept drawing me back to this one.  I’m glad it did because a few inspirational pages before bed are helping me sleep so much more soundly.


Suits – We have become a bit obsessed with Suits and have been pretty much watching it exclusively over the last few weeks.  We have managed to get through nearly seven seasons and I have developed an unashamedly, massive crush on Harvey Specter.  I think I will be truly saddened to watch the last episode although I did hear that there are more on the way.  I guess that’s the sign of a great box set.

Grace and Frankie – Another favourite boxset that we binged watched last year, has released another season and to give me a break from my Suits obsession, I caught a couple of episodes it this week.  They were just as funny as the rest so I’m looking forward to the rest.


Sourdough Starter – I made myself a list of things I wanted to do this year, and making bread from scratch was on it.  I love bread and I try to buy a sourdough every week so I thought that would be a good place to start.  I got the recipe from here after seeing a few people on Insta had had success with it.  Like with all good things, you have to wait.  It takes about a week to create a good strong starter and only then can you get your bread tin out.  I have a few more days to wait yet.


Joni Jeans – I have been a dedicated fan for years but like with all things I began to wonder if the grass was greener on the other side.  In other words were to ASOS equivalent as good (for a smaller price tag).  I’m here to confirm they are not, so back I ran to Topshop with my cap in hand, promising never to betray my beloved Joni again.

Backpacks – I never thought I’d be a fan but I am.  They are so much easier when out and about with the kids.  I’m the proud owner of three.  The Mulberry Cara is a multi-tasker.  it can work as a handbag, a shoulder bag, a crossbody and a backpack.  I also have a Longchamps backpack which is a brilliant size and super light so I can carry bits for the kids without being weighed down.  I have just bought this Eastpak backpack for work.  Again it’s really light, has a padded laptop pocket and is roomy inside.


I mostly listen to podcasts in the car and in the office as I find the radio boring.  Here is a list of my favourites …

And lastly …

This weekend we are mostly just finishing off jobs that have been left during the week, household admin and running errands.  There will be gin and tonic will be featured as will something very delicious and sweet.

Toodles x


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