Feminism, Pulled Chicken and Yoga #LittleLoves 6

This week started with no real plans but then ended with quite a lot crammed in.  Here’s a bit of what I’ve been up to this week.

Read – A couple of new blogs this week.  First is by my internet bestie George, she has been a bit industrious and got herself a new bit of the internet.  You can find her take on going from a super high flying business woman to a new mummy over at Boss Mummy.  I’ve also been loving Lunch Lady which is an Australian blog and quarterly print magazine all about food and family.  I have been devouring the blog and will definitely be ordering the magazine when pay day rolls around.

Watched – A couple of weeks ago I mentioned eating too much cheese at ‘Prosecco Club’, well the girls vlogged it for their YouTube channel so if you want to take a peek you can find it here.  There was literally enough food to feed about 20 people and poor Katie gave herself belly ache from eating all the leftovers.  You should also check out their other videos because they are pretty funny!  On a more serious note I watched She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry on Netflix earlier in the week and it was bloody brilliant!! It’s a documentary all about the courageous woman who spoke out about gender inequality in the 1960’s and were the fore runners of the women’s movement.  Don’t watch this because you are a feminist … watch it because you are a human and then appreciate everything that went on before your time.

Heard – I’ve been catching up on Jess Lively’s podcast The Lively Show recently, in which she has be documenting her three month travel adventures around Europe.  It’s really interesting hearing an Americans take on many countries and cities that I’m already quite familiar with.

Made – Up until today I had nothing to write in this section.  I’d made our meals all week but nothing spectacular, that was worth writing home about, but then Ashlie posted a pulled chicken recipe that really tickled my fancy so that’s just what we had for tea with fried peppers, pickled cabbage and tiger paw buns.  I also took advantage of a rainy afternoon and made banana bread with little miss which we have enjoyed with vanilla ice cream … mmm!

Wore – I’ve been mostly wearing yoga clothes this week since I bought myself a studio membership.  Like everyone else I’ve been a member of a million gyms and then never bothered going to any of them but I really love my yoga membership.  I’m not very bendy and my balance needs a lot of work but I just feel so good when I’ve finished a class, its getting quite addictive.  If you are in the North East I highly recommend Happy Yoga.

And lastly …

Our trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park last wee was brilliant, greatly helped by the amazing weather we had.  There was quite a lot to see but the Kaws exhibition was definitely our favourite.




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