Well being Wednesday – Water

I can’t start talking about well being without starting at, what I believe to be, the absolute foundation, and that is good hydration.

Everyone knows that water is the life force to almost every living thing but for most people it is the least considered when people decide to improve their lifestyle.  Fat is ditched, carbs are vilified and everyone switches to diet or sugar free drinks, but one of the easiest ways to make yourself better is to make sure you are sufficiently hydrated.  I love water and I can’t understand anyone when they can’t drink it because they don’t like the taste.  Whaat!! Are they mad?  What taste?  I know I sound like an arse when i say this but to me it just tastes like … health!

These are a mix of tips, tricks and facts about my love of the wet stuff …

  • I drink about 2.5l of water on average a day and I find the easiest way of doing this is to keep a water bottle on my counter top so I see it every time I go into my kitchen.
  • I don’t like cold water as I like to drink quite a lot in one go so I prefer it at room temperature.  I keep 2l bottles in my wine rack (I don’t like wine and the Prosecco bottles are too big to fit!).
  • I forced myself to enjoy sparkling water so that I could ditch the diet coke when I was out and about, and now its my drink of choice.
  • I drink water as a mixer with my gin.  I hate tonic but sparkling water with a squeeze of lime is really refreshing as well as a great way to lessen the hangover.  I’ve also been known to drink gin and tap water when somewhere doesn’t sell sparkling.
  • I try to hydrate before I medicate as much as I can.  I know that for me, headaches and upset stomachs, can be eased with some simple H2O.
  • If I get the amount of water right for my body, it really can shine out of face.  It has a great effect on my complexion, my dark circles vanish, my skin tone evens out and I get a natural glow without the need for any kind of highlighter!

I can’t recommend water highly enough.  If you only do one thing for yourself today, make sure you get it down your neck!


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