3 … is my favourite number – Body products

Another week and another three products that I couldn’t live without.  These little beauties have been on my shopping list again and again for years.  I used to like nothing more that a leisurely stroll around Boots on a Saturday afternoon but now I have two kids in tow I cant think of anything worse, so when I find something that works I stick with it!

My top 3 body products are …

Mitchum Shower Fresh Anti-perspirant & Deodorant Roll-on – Not very glamorous I know but everybody uses it so you might as well get a good one and this is the best I’ve found.  It just bloody works and it works for a long time which is awesome because nobody has time to worry about smelly pits!!

Garnier Summer Body Lotion gradual tan in Deep Sun-kissed – I’m pretty fair skinned but I always go for the deep tone over the light as I find that you get a better pay off for less applications.  I wouldn’t say that it is completely streak proof but I apply it straight out of the shower most days I’ve never had many issues.  Its super affordable, available in most supermarkets and the big bottle lasts forever.

Ambre Solaire Dry Mist SPF 30 – You don’t need me to preach the importance of sun cream to you.  I wear it because I burn if I don’t but I hate how it feels on application, I hate the sticky, greasy feeling that you get from most sun creams (even the expensive ones!).  You don’t get any of that with this dry mist and, because it is an aerosol spray, you are able to apply it all over without ending up missing patches


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