Weaning, Speedos and The BFG #LittleLoves 5

I’m torn between the days being long but the weeks being short.  I can’t believe we are back at Friday again and I’m reviewing another seven days.  This is how this week has panned out …

Read – I’ve been mostly reading recipe books this week but this time around they aren’t for me, they are for baby boy.  Unbelievably we are already at the weaning stage.  He is now 5 months and we have dabbled with some new tastes a couple of weeks ago and after an good response initially, he then found it most entertaining to spray it out of his mouth and all over my sofa.  To be honest I was probably more excited about it than he was ready for it so we knocked it on the head.  I’ve been getting myself more prepped to start again next week.  Highchair, ice cube trays, tonnes of carrots – check check check!!

Watched – The Olympics … obviously!!  I have developed a keen appreciation for toned men in very tight pants … don’t lie you have too.  In all seriousness though I have so much admiration for our amazing team GB and the dedication and sacrifice it takes for them to achieve their dreams.  Sometimes it even makes me want to do some actual exercise!

Heard – We’ve been listening to the BFG audio book in the car over the last few days.  I love love love Roald Dahl, but I’d forgotten how much I loved him until we revisited this on a long car journey this week.  We had the BFG on tape for the car when we were little so listening again was like reliving my childhood and bringing my little girl along for the ride.  She has an amazing imagination so this was right up her street.

Made – I’ve racked my brains for this one this week and I genuinely can’t think of one thing that I’ve made.  I know i’ve definitely fed my family because they are all still here and neither hungry or whinging but on what, I have no idea!  This is one of the reasons I love doing this little review, it makes me realise when I’ve just gliding through life with my eyes closed, constantly thinking about what I have to do next.  Next week I intend to take a more mindful approach to my week.

Wore – or not wore in my case, it has to be summer dresses!  I’m normally a big big fan of the summer dress and having my legs out.  I hate being too hot, it makes me very irritable but I’ve not had much chance of that recently so I have just been living in my skinny jeans and flip flops (even in the rain … waterproof and quick drying!)  Apparently we are due a heat wave next week so maybe I can bring them out then.

And lastly …

We are taking a trip to Yorkshire Sculpture Park tomorrow with some friends to see the Kaws exhibition.  Dan has been desperate to go since it opened but it just wasn’t practical when I was so heavily pregnant or with a newborn but now the baby boy is old enough for a longer car journey so we are packing a picnic and heading down.  Please pray for sunshine for us!

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One thought on “Weaning, Speedos and The BFG #LittleLoves 5

  1. Oh man, the joys of weaning! I remember being so excited at this stage initially yet the novelty wore off when I realised how much cleaning came along with it!
    I’ve seen so many pics of the Yorkshire Sculpture park and it looks fab. I really must take my girls and go one weekend. Hope you had a lovely time there xx


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