Well being Wednesday

I’ve been sitting here reading back over my first posts from last year and it was quite evident how big a part of my life self-care and wellbeing were, and more importantly, how little time they take up right now.  I can remember that person who was writing them but I can’t remember where I lost her so I’m finding it a little difficult to reconnect with her right now.

In my very first post I said that I wanted to use this space to commit to myself and deliver on my inner expectations, so with that in mind I going to commit to myself that I will regularly post a wellbeing post on a Wednesday (wellbeing Thursday just doesn’t have the same ring to it!).  I’m not going to limit myself on what I can write about but I am going to be honest with myself.  Since having another baby I have given all available time and head space over to other people, little people who need me, but in doing this I’ve forgotten my no 1 favourite phrase ‘You put your own oxygen mask on first’.  This is the place where I’ll keep notes of how it is going.

I’ve done quite a lot of reflective thinking over the years and this has lead to me knowing what my pillars are and what keeps my mind in balance.  I believe that most people’s lives can be divided into three main categories – health, home and work (in that order), and these three things need to be fairly balanced in order to avoid you becoming completely overwhelmed.  I’m yet to meet anyone who has the perfect balance of all three at the same time for any longer than a few minutes but as long as I have two out of three in hand, I feel like I’m pretty accomplished.  Unfortunately when the balance swings the other way and one of the three elements is taking up all of my time, the other two get neglected, and I feel anxious, overwhelmed and out of sync.

What works for me is a combination of exercise (hiit training and yoga), meditation, journaling, clean eating, mindfulness, reading, good hydration and plenty of sleep.  Over the past year I’ve neglected more of these than I care to admit.  I think this is the perfect time I went back to basics.
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