Bedtime stories, Netflix and too much cheese  #LittleLoves4

I was just getting in my stride with these regular posts and then life got in the way.  Nursery was finishing for the summer and it seemed that they had something going on every other day that required parents to attend.  As I’m on maternity leave at the moment, I’ve tried to take full advantage and attend everything I could as I probably wont get the chance when I go back to work.  So hence I stopped posting but now that we are well into the summer, I should get my groove back.

These are my #littleloves from my extended period of absence.


As we are now in the throes of summer holidays we have been enjoying a much slower pace including later bedtime and later exactly the same wake up times but this means that we are enjoying time for a couple of extra bedtime stories before lights out.

Some of our favourites are


A total cliché but I can’t go without taking about Stranger Things on Netflix.  The perfect mix of all of the best 80’s movies.  My heart belongs to the eighties, I was born in it, I grew up in it and as really love a bit of double denim, I guess I’ve never let it go!


We’ve been hearing a lot about space from little EG this week, apparently she’s now an expert because ‘Granny has read her a book all about space’ (watch out NASA) so the other morning she said we could ask her any space questions and she would know the answers.

Where is the moon? … in space.  Where is Mars? … in space. Okay this is a hard one, why do the planets fall out of the sky? …because they have zero gravity, gravity is what makes us not float away.  Oh ok … maybe you are an expert then!


… a total pig of myself at ‘Prosecco club’ last weekend.  It’s not a really club just me and me two mates get together as someones house to drink copious amounts of Prosecco and eat a buffet that would feed about 8 people.  There is always a cheese board which started off small but these days it would be better described as a cheese table, a chilli and cheese dip which we nicknamed ‘blogger’s dip’ and some YouTube karaoke.  Many people have enquired about membership but unfortunately we just don’t have any capacity to take on new members at the moment … we are just too greedy and don’t want to share our cheese!


I bought myself some men’s Adidas pool sliders last week and I haven’t taken them off since.  I know they aren’t to everyone’s taste but I think that what makes them my favourite.  They are not only comfy but great in both the sunshine and the monsoon rain, ideal for our lovely British summer.

And Lastly …

I’ve treat myself to a new little laptop to make blogging a bit more accessible.  I’ve actually been blogging on an off since 2009 and whenever I take a break from it, I really miss it.  It’s a great creative outlet and helps me reflect on everything that’s going on around me so I look forward to being about to vent my spleen on a more regular basis



One thought on “Bedtime stories, Netflix and too much cheese  #LittleLoves4

  1. I so want to join Prosecco Club!! It sounds like my kind of club for sure 😉
    Stranger Things is the best. I was so gutted when we finished it, definitely the best series I’ve watched in a while xx


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