Fence Painting, Chewbacca Mom & Exotic Spiders #LittleLoves 3

Well this has been quite a week. In one day alone baby boy managed three changes of clothes, needed two blankets washed as well as the sheets and mattress from the pram.  Then my newly assembled washing line fell over in the garden taking all of the freshly washed clothes with it, once that was all cleaned and re-hung, the heavens opened!  Same day also included crying in the dentist because I have an abscess on my tooth and I didn’t want her to hurt me any more (Yep I am actually 35 next month but I still cry at the dentist).  Well they do say that you have to have bad days to appreciate how good the good days actually are.

So with that here is some of this weeks #littleloves …


The last few weekends we have been concentrating on decluttering the house and sorting out the garden so interior blogs and magazines have been my main source of inspiration.  I’m a big skandi interiors fan (along with every other blogger in the world) so My Scandinavian Home is always a welcome visitor to my bloglovin feed.  I’m also a massive fan of Yvestown, which I initially found through a link for crochet patterns.

I’m also loving the outdoor living supplement that came free with my latest copy of Ideal Home.  My poor husband is in for a busy bank holiday weekend while we repair and paint every piece of fence, decking and wooden furniture we own.  Roll on BBQ weekends!


I’ve hardly spent anytime in front of the gogglebox this week, choosing to spend my time in our sunny conservatory, listening to music instead.  Although I do love a bit of youtube. This week my favourite video has to be The Chewbacca Mom and then Chewbacca Mom Takes James Cordon To Work.  How can I make best friends with this woman, she makes me smile every time I think about her.  I daren’t show EG the video or she’ll be wanting one of those masks for sure.


We’ve been listening to loads of music recently.  I’ve been educating my children into some of the greats.  This week it has been Lionel Ritchie, Madonna (the immaculate collection – nothing else comes close) and Meat Loaf.  EG is so good at picking up the lyrics and singing along after only hearing the chorus once or twice.  I quite often burst into song in public places, thinking I’m a poor man’s answer to Tina Turner.  So the other day we were in a lift when I turned to EG and belted out ‘You are my Destiny …’ and to my absolute astonishment, she replied ‘… You are my One and Only!’ … I almost cried with pride.  I felt like, if I never taught her anything else in her life, that my work as a parent is done.

Sometimes she does misunderstand the lyrics though with hilarious outcomes.  Kenny Rodgers ‘Lucille’ turned from “you picked a fine time to leave me Lucille …’ to ‘You picked a fine time to leave me BLUE SEAL’.  And Beyonce didn’t escape ‘All the single ladies’ was resung as ‘All the SINGLETS’.


I bought Clean Eating Alice‘s new book after being a keen follower of her meals on instagram.  I’ve made quite a few of her recipes in the few days I’ve had the book including French Toast stuffed with banana and almond butter, which was amazing considering I’m a fully fledge egg dodger.  I’ll defo be having that again.  I’ve also made Goats Cheese and Mushrooms, and a Chicken and Chorizo one pot number for dinner both with were so easy and really delicious!

We also had a recent family favourite this week in Mexican Quinoa.  This is a winner for three reasons, it is a ‘clean’ comfort food, you can eat it out of a bowl on the settee and you can just throw it all into one pot and leave it too cook.


Comfort is the key for me when it comes to shoes.  In my younger days it was quite common for me to have my flip flops in my handbag to change into when the silettos just got too much.  This week I decided to revisit a purchase I made last summer for my holidays – the Solilla Sandals.  To be honest I’d only worn them once and had considered selling them as they were pretty uncomfortable but I’m glad I didn’t because it must have been my pregnant feet and the turkish heat that made them uncomfortable opposed to the actual shoe.  They are so comfy and easy to wear now that I’ve worn them in a little I’m going back for more, I fancy the tan leather ones next.  Mine are currently on sale in Office so you’ll pick up a bargain if you hurry.

And Lastly …

We received a call early evening last night to say that EG’s nursery school was going to to be closed for the rest of the week as one of her teachers had been bitten by an exotic spider during school and had to be taken to hospital.  They therefore needed to investigate the situation and fumigate the nursery if necessary.  The teacher in question was later released from hospital after getting a clean bill of health but what a random reason to start half term early.  I can’t say I was too disappointed at getting an extra couple of slower mornings because this school run is killing me right now.





5 thoughts on “Fence Painting, Chewbacca Mom & Exotic Spiders #LittleLoves 3

  1. I love your sandals, they look fab and so comfortable. I was a dedicated heel wearer in my younger days, but now I’m all about the comfy shoe! xx


  2. I am a huge fan of Solillas sandals! I have a vast collection in different colours! Ive seen some more I really want, xo comfy! I love the Chewbacca moms video! I laughed all the way through and caught her on James Cordons show once it had aired! She is just so happy and very likeable!


  3. Clean Eating Alice sounds great I will have to check that out I am in need of a kick up the healthy eating ladder so badly. It’s a vicious circle I get into I am really good or really bad there is no happy medium. lol Love the shoes darling so chic wish I could pull of leopard on my feet. Popping over from #littleloves Happy bank holiday.


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