Grey’s Anatomy, Muff- Flowers and Nutella stuffed pancakes #LittleLoves 2

The great thing about doing a weekly post is that it actually separates your weeks.  Most people find a weekend serves the same purpose but when your wake up call on a Saturday and Sunday is the same time as it is every week day, they are start to merge into one.   This week I’ve enjoyed noting down things to include in my #littleloves list as it has made me take a moment to appreciate them a little more.

Here goes …


I’ve bought a couple of magazines this week but have hardly even opened them to be honest as they can be hard to manoeuver with a baby in your arms.  I have been more successful with catching up with some blogs posts though as an iPhone is the perfect partner when it comes to bottle time.  I really liked this from Rosie about moving house and also this from Carrie and this from Amelia, both about projecting a positive body image.

Its my birthday in a few weeks and I have added a couple of books to my wish list so hopefully it’ll be able to get me head stuck into them when they arrive.


This is the week that I discovered and fell for Grey’s Anatomy big time.  I know I’m 11 years late to the party but this just means that there is twelve whole series store up, waiting for me.  Why didn’t anyone tell me this would fill the void that SATC had left.  The fashions hardly compare but the characters are likeable and the storylines are quick and easy to follow, which is perfect for me after a wild day spent child wrangling.

This week also saw the conclusion of Marcella which was quite the opposite end of the spectrum to Grey’s.  I watched from the beginning, and tried really hard to like it, but I just didn’t.  Crime drama is my favourite type of tv but this was neither nowt nor someick (is that just a Geordie phrase or does everyone use it?).  It had countless storylines that didn’t go anywhere and plot twists that were too obvious.  I wont be waiting around for the second series thats for sure!


The best thing I heard this week was EG’s take on the world.  I often think how marvellous it must be to be four.  It just a shame they don’t appreciate it.

EG’s no1 best mate is Creamy. Creamy is one of those comforter blanket things, a cream coloured bear, who we called Cream Bear (we are good at names, we also have Rabbit, Red Dragon and Mousy Grey).  He was bought for her christening by someone unknown so we’ve never been able to find out where he was purchased and buy a spare.  He is very, very precious and never leaves the house.  Anyway I digress.  Creamy has a whole back story (according to EG), his Dad is Darth Vader and he builds things, he claims to have built pretty much every North East landmark going.  You thought Anthony Gormley was responsible for the Angel of the North, you were wrong, it was Creamy’s Dad.  This week Creamy’s dad was making breakfast for everyone (EG, Creamy and Creamy’s Brother, yes he also has an imaginary brother), he made them sandwiches but not bacon sandwiches, Creamy’s dad makes ‘Bear-con’ sandwiches!! (*head in hands*)

She also declared that she was going on an adventure to find ‘muff-flowers”.  I cant begin to imagine what a muff-flower could be or where they could be found but I told her to take Daddy with her as he’d probably had some previous experience in this area … haha!


Breakfast … but do you want the healthy or the not so healthy version?

The healthy version was these Breakfast protein balls from Jessica Sepel’s book that I mentioned last week.  The recipe says it makes 12 but I got 32 out of my ingredients so they must make theirs the size of cricket balls.

The unhealthy version was the nutella stuffed pancakes that I made for me and EG at the weekend.  I used Ashley’s pancake recipe for fat and fluffy pancakes and then her tip for adding a small amount of mix to the pan at first, then a spoonful of nutella on top and then another dollop of mix.  They were quite amazing.  I could actually just eat another batch right now … mmmm!


I’ve worn the baby quite a lot this week.  I bought this stretchy wrap when I was pregnant as I knew I would need to be hands free to tend to EG, and what a god send it has been.  I had a baby sling first time around but hardly used it as it wasn’t very comfortable for either of us and it was bulky to carry around, it just a shame I didn’t realise there was more than one option out there.  I use my wrap wherever it would be a hassle to take the buggy.  Its great for walking to and from school and for any kind of “off roading’ as my buggy is very much designed for the city.

I also bought myself a new changing bag this week as I was still using my one from last time and it was starting to look a bit shabby.  After much deliberation I went for the Tiba + Marl Mini Raf .  It’s so roomy but so light, if this is the mini you must be able to sleep in the original! I hate baby bags that look like baby bags so this is a perfect fit for me, that I’m sure all still be using long after I stop carrying around nappies and muslins.

and Lastly … 

Last weekend we took the kids along to The Late Shows which is a free ‘culture crawl’ around our hometown and local city.  This is an annual event that has been going for the last ten years where local museums, art galleries and studios, and places of interest open their doors for the evening and invite people to come in a take a look around.  There is always tonnes to do for the kids so we have taken EG every year.  This year she explored old underground police cells, visited a concert hall, saw people eating dinner whist hanging from a crane, took a rowing boat to Sainsbury’s (apparently), ate pie and mash, played victorian games and learnt how to build robots out of lego.  We worked out that we walked approx seven miles over the evening but she didn’t complain once and didn’t go to bed until 11.30pm.  Way past her bedtime but she learnt so much, it was worth it.




3 thoughts on “Grey’s Anatomy, Muff- Flowers and Nutella stuffed pancakes #LittleLoves 2

  1. Oh Greys!!! I love Greys and am a HUGE fan.. {it was this link up that got me hooked!} I have just had a re-run of seasons 1-12 again! Those pancakes look delicious! Have a wonderful weekend xx


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