Real Housewives, mother’s guilt and a good red lipstick – LittleLoves#1

My little boy has now been with us for seven whole weeks and I feel like they have flown by in a whirlwind.  The days have ran into nights, which have then ran into days again, and I haven’t had a second to take the time to appreciate what has been going on around me.

I’ve been a keen follower of Emma on instagram for a long time and her blog (and amazing home) is always an inspiration, so with that in mind I have decided to join in with a link that she takes part in which documents what she has been loving over the previous week.

Giving birth has definitely killed off more brain cells than I care to dwell on so I figure that this will be a great way of keeping a record of my little corner of the world as the weeks go by.

So here goes my first week …


Reading is a bit of a luxury in this house at the moment but when I have had a chance I have been reading Life at Little Wood and therefore wanting to restyle every surface in my house.  I’m also trying to get my health and fitness back in check after having my little boy so I’ve been devouring anything on this topic. This week’s favourite has been  The Healthy Life by Jessica Sepel.  I love it because it’s not only full of amazing information and advice but her recipes in the back are simple to make and delicious to taste.


Life with a newborn involves a lot of TV in order to keep the boredom of feeding at bay but I’ve struck lucky as there has been so many great things on recently that I’ve really enjoyed.  I love all crime drama so I was gutted when Line of Duty reached it climatic ending a few weeks ago until I discovered the the first series, which I’d missed, was on Netflix … I consumed it all in one day (that’s maternity leave for you!). I’m also a sucker for a Real Housewife and I don’t even care where’s she’s from.  New York has always been my favourite but I’m not that fussy.


I’m a big fan of podcasts and use to listen to them all the time in the car on the way to work, now that I’m not doing that daily commute I have a fair few built up, waiting to be listened to.  This week I’ve really enjoyed listening to the Mother’s Meeting ladies talking about Guilt.  It’s great to hear other mothers taking on subjects that they don’t cover in those parenting manuals that everyone feels compelled to buy, pre-baby!


I’ve been trying to clean up my diet over the last couple of weeks and also trying really hard to avoid the sugar during the week.  Last weekend I made Refined Sugar Free Turtle Brownies from The Minimalist Baker, and they were by far the best clean treat I have tasted.  They were devoured by the whole family in an instant and usually they aren’t big fans of my ‘clean treats’.

I’ve also ‘made’ a meal plan and ‘made’ an online food order.  I know these are tenuous links but I have come to realise that my anxiety does not fair well when it comes to supermarket shopping, especially with two kids in tow.  Click and Collect is my saviour, I feel bad for people who don’t have it available!


I currently only have one pair of jeans and three tops that fit my post pregnancy body so I won’t be doing any mirror selfies just yet.  However a good lipstick will always be the right fit and I’ve discovered two new loves this week. The first is a Kate Moss nude for Rimmel and the second is Blake Lively Red for L’Oreal.  I have the nudes in shades 43 and 45 and they definitely rivals any of the MAC versions that I already own (these two are great dupes from Modesty and Brave).  The red is the most long wearing I’ve ever come across.  I tested it out at a friend’s house last weekend and I’m pleased to report that after an evening full of food and drink it was still steadfast when I got home in the early hours.

and Lastly …

I’m really late to the party on this one but I totally missed out on Grey’s Anatomy first time around so I have downloaded a few episode from Sky Box Set to see what all of the fuss is about.  I’ll report back next week.

I’ve also started a buggy workout group in our park this week which was kind of hardcore but really enjoyable and the other Mums were really friendly (not always a given at these type of things).


So that has been my week so far and my first submission to the #LittleLoves link up.  I’m hoping to post these every Friday but do forgive me if they are ever a little late, no doubt my two raucous kids will have gotten in the way. 




2 thoughts on “Real Housewives, mother’s guilt and a good red lipstick – LittleLoves#1

  1. I quite fancy a nude lipstick – I tend to go with bright pinks, reds or plum shades and find that sometimes they’re a little too much for the school run! Will check out the Rimmel shades. Congratulations on your little one! He’s only a couple of weeks younger than my Q – time flies by doesn’t it?! x #littleloves


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