And then there was 4

So we are now a family of four, and so far so good.  If you know me it will come as no surprise to hear that I found going from zero babies to having Esther, a really difficult transition.  I second guessed everything I did and every decision we made, and as a result just generally ended up a big anxious mess.  I constantly looked at other mothers and compared myself, they made it looked so easy and I was sinking. 

So six weeks into our new squad set up and I couldn’t feel any different to the first time around.  It is no doubt due to the fact that I have an amazing little helper by my side who loves to be involved as much as she can, and because of this we are a unit, a team and she gives me the confidence to know that ‘I got this’ … I mean she is awesome so I couldn’t haven’t done that much wrong the first time!! 

I don’t feel like I have to do the whole baby group/ competitive mothers thing.  I don’t have to dress up to reassure strangers (and myself) that I’m coping.  And if I’m honest I don’t need anymore friends, I like the ones I’ve got and, hopefully, they like me (and my babies!). 

I’m grateful to have the beauty of hindsight on my side as now I can relax, enjoy and appreciate this precious time with my little crew, without all of those ridiculous, irrational worries I had before.  I’ve learnt that there is no baby/ child related issue that a baby wipe cannot resolve!! 


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