When the baby comes out … 

At the moment this seems to be the most over used phased between me and my four year old and it makes me feel like a terrible mother … Twice over!! 

In the first instance I’ve felt like I’m constantly neglecting my no 1 baby because Mammy was too sick, then too tired, then too out of breathe, then too round and now is all of the above at once. I can’t get on the floor to play dinosaurs schools, built Lego, dress as a knight/ superhero/ Star Wars villian and joust/ fly /engage in light saber battles.  The only thing we really share a love of now is lying in bed and watching CBeebies, and when I say share, she enjoys the CBeebies and I xoenjoy the bed, neither of us care for the other! 

In the second instance I’m wishing time away with my second (and last intentional) pregnancy because unlike the first time around I have strongly disliked every part of it!! They say once bitten twice shy and that sums it up for me … I knew what was coming, I knew what to expect, I knew that you only have a very small window (about a week) when you actually feel glowing, healthy and proud of your growing belly. After that the lack of energy zaps out any pleasure you have in taking care of yourself and it all turns into a bit of a chore. 

I’m now two weeks away from meeting our not so little fella (induction date booked as he is already off the scale massive!) and I know, and have always known that he will complete our little family, but I just want him here and to crack on with the fun part!! I can handle night feeds if I know that I can sleep on my belly in between. The medicated recovery from childbirth will be a breeze compared to the continuous torture that is trying to solve every ailment with a paracetamol and a Rennie. I’m also looking forward to getting my personality back! 

I’ll probably only be able to muster a whinge between now and the birth so I’ll see you on the other side! 


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