What I learnt … 

I’ve never been one for partying away on New Year’s Eve but for as long as we’ve been together (a good 15 years!), me and Dan have always went out for lunch on the last day of the year and chatted through our highs and lows of the previous 12 months. 

This week I’ve been thinking about what 2015 taught me and how I grew as a person.

  1. I accepted myself … and I learned to love the person I was and have conviction in the decisions I was making. 
  2. Things don’t last forever – this year we lost someone very dear who I had thought I would have all of the time in the world to reconnect with and I didn’t. It brought great sadness to my family but it also taught me to seize the moment and stop putting things off. 
  3. You get out what you put in – this particularly applied to my health and wellbeing this year.  I committed myself to my health and felt stronger, fitter, and was in better shape than I’d ever been. It also allowed me to decided when I wanted to expand my family, a choice I hadn’t had in the past. 
  4. Second pregnancies aren’t as fun as first – apologises to my unborn son if you are ever reading this but you nearly finished Mammy off!! I’m not sure if it was because I was older or a different gender pregnancy or that I also had a three year old who’s needs didn’t get put on hold when I got knocked up, but it was a killer!! The sickness, the exhaustion, the struggle for breath were brand new things to me, as well as the shock of expecting a boy (I’ve always just presumed I would have two girls!) … and the fear of not know what to do with a boy!! I’m now (finally) in that excited, glowy stage and can’t wait for what is to come! 
  5. Always take off your make up off properly before bed – preferably with a proper product … hot water, a balm or cream and a flannel are the only way.  Wipes are for cleaning bums not faces! 
  6. Dehydration shows in your face – all the make up in the world can’t cover up a lack of water. For me it shows in my dark circles and also in the skin on the back of my hands.  Drink up!! 
  7. Your body needs fuel not filth – this is definitely something I’ve learned but not necessarily something I practise everyday.  However I really enjoy knowing the effect certain foods have on my body.  It means that I very rarely take any medication as I know what my body is needing when certain symptoms rear their heads.  Pregnancy is a complete caviate to this and I’m not keen on guessing games!
  8. My personal brand is more important to me than I thought – I kind of always knew this to be true but since becoming a Mam I’d really struggled with my identity and who I was meant to be.  At the start of the summer I travelled to London for a training course which changed my direction. The course was on a Friday, by the following Monday, I’d booked in all of my neglected beauty appointments, viewed and signed for a new car and had a complete wardrobe clear out … and bar a few dire weeks early pregnancy, I’ve never looked back! 
  9. Celebrate what makes you happy – For me these are sausage sandwiches,   fancy scented candles (you get what you pay for), the first page of a new notebook, gin, a great cheeseboard, roast beef on a Sunday and an organised home.  The latter is a bit of challenge when you live with the two messiest people in the world but I see it as a work in progress.
  10. I’m a home bird – ten years ago I would have scoffed at this but that Dorothy girl really knew what she was talking about!

So adieu 2015, you’ve been a blast!! Bring on 2016 – another year of adventure!! 


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