Merry Christmas … and all that jazz!! 

It’s not even bonus Boxing Day bank holiday yet and I’m already itching to get the tree out and the decs down.  I’m craving space and clear surfaces to settle my chaotic mind. 

To be honest, the majority of our house decorations are still in the loft.  Getting the tree decorated was tiring enough without having our kitchen redone at the same time.  That was only finished on the 23rd just in the nick time for our Christmas Eve family soirée, so rest of the Christmas trinkets will have to stay in their cosy beds until next year.  I can’t say I’m sorry really it’s just less to put away. 

For the past few years I’ve felt like, post Christmas Day, the festivities lose their sparkle and everything seems a little tarnished and old hat.  The excitement and the build up is gone and left in its wake is over stuffed bins, toys and gifts that need to find new homes and fridge leftovers that nobody can face eating or bear to throw out (unless we are talking ferrero rochers, today I’ve had five!!) 

I realise I’m sounding a little grinchy right about now but stay with me.  What I do look forward to is the promise of a New Year.  These days everyone seems to ‘poo-poo’ reflections and resolutions but thinking about them, taking about them and making them is one of my favourite parts of the holidays.  I like to make a list (in a new notebook, obvs) about what I’ve achieved in the previous year.  I like to remember my highlights and my challenges, and I like make some resolutions for the coming year.  They aren’t crazy outlandish ones that I know I’ll never achieve, I’ll never be able to give up chocolate or wake at 5am to do yoga and meditate but I might just be able to perfect a poached egg or learn how to cook a signature curry. 

If you don’t look back you’ll never realise how far you’ve come and if you don’t aim forward, you’ll never know what you could achieve. 


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