Christmas in November … Whaat!?!

Is it just me or is Christmas creeping in earlier and earlier.  I’ve noticed, particularly on Instagram and Twitter, decorations and tree photos are already out in force.  Now I like the glow of a twinkly light as much as the next person but we still have 5 weeks to go until the big day and by then the baubles will be dusty and the needles will have dropped. 

When I was little we used to collect our tree on the afternoon we broke up from school for the Christmas holidays.  It signified that the excitement could begin (and the quality street could be opened!).  The Phil Spector Christmas album would go on the record player and we would dance around, hanging baubles that were older than we were and arguing about which picture, a particular length of tinsel had hung around the previous year.  

Now I’ve heard of people who don’t decorate their tree until Christmas Eve, and I think is just a tad extreme especially since I’m ready to take mine down before we’ve even welcomed in the New Year but November is not the time for trees.  Don’t get me wrong November is essential when it comes to the prep and the planning, there is cakes and puddings to be made, cards to be chosen and written (but not posted), and not mention the essential little notepads that house every list know to man, a must have when it comes to present shopping and menu planning.  But please please save the decs and trees for the best month of all … December.  

You’ll peak too soon if not! 
Photo from Pinterest


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