What do you love?

I loved this quote when I saw it on someone’s instagram.  It,s one of those mini moments that make you stop in your tracks for a second and reassess that way you think about things.  I’ve been pretty whingy over the last few weeks, I blame the lack of sleep and food aversions, and haven’t taken the time to appreciate all of amazing opportunities that I have been given, so I thought I would make a little list of all of my loves.

As with anyone’s love list it would start with family, friends and good health but what about the rest …

  1. Topshop Jeans
  2. almond Magnums
  3. red nail varnish
  4. stationary
  5. foxes
  6. white bedding
  7. Carr’s water biscuits with proper butter
  8. Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses
  9. organisation
  10. cuddles

I’m also quite partial to a MAC lipstick and photos of pretty interiors!

What about you?

(Imaged un-credited, Please let me know if this is yours and would like it removed. thanks)


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