What does week 16 look like?

Before I found out I was pregnant with my little girl, I was blogging regularly on a different site and I really enjoyed all of the elements of it.  Once that blue line appeared on that stick, my concentration span completely disappeared and so did my motivation to write witty and interesting posts that would keep people coming back.  As a result my other site died a death.  I did try to resurrect it many times but my heart just wasn’t it so I gave it up but I do regret that I didn’t make any notes on how I coped with pregnancy and how my world changed.

When I found out I was pregnant this time around, I felt like I had been hit by a bus from all the sickness and tiredness.  I just didn’t expect it.  I felt like a rookie.  How could my mind have played such tricks on me and rose tinted my last pregnancy in such an extreme way, so I have decided to make some notes this time around.

Here I am at the end of week 16 and this is how its been …

  1. Tiredness –  It sucks but is definitely getting better.  I’ve only had to take an afternoon nap 3/4 times this week but I’m still waking up without a clue where I am or what I’m meant to be doing.
  2. Heartbeat – I heard the cub’s heartbeat for the first time this week which was great especially because I hadn’t really felt any movement up until then.  Unfortunately my midwife appointment was delayed by an hour which was a bit annoying and she wasn’t great when I told her about my extreme tiredness.  I was just told my iron levels were fine (when they were measured 6 weeks ago!) but I wasn’t asked about my diet or how I was sleeping, both which I would have thought obvious things that would affect my energy levels. Disappointing considering that I’ve been deemed as a high risk pregnancy and I’m trying to do everything I can to reduce the risks.
  3. Boot – I felt the first movement this week.  Although it was only one little boot, I’ll still take it.  I’m sure it wont be long before I don’t get a moment’s peace.
  4. Clothes – My god most maternity clothes are ugly!! And unless you are in the final few months, most of what’s available, is just too big and unflattering. I’ve been living my Joni Topshop maternity jeans, with t-shirts and shirts that I’ve already had in my wardrobe. I’ve survived so far but I do think at some point I will have to move into the dreaded leggings!
  5. Skincare – Now that the sickness has gone and the energy is making its way back, I’ve managed to get back into my skincare routine.  Back to Liz Earle, Kiehl’s, Minceller water, gradual tan and reintroducing bio -oil back to the crew.  Next on the list to tackle is the hair!

Oh yeah and my bump has definitely popped this week, however I still just look like I’m a bit fat because I’ve had to revert back to wearing my fat clothes … gaaaah!!!


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