Are you worth the investment?

If you’re life was a business, would you invest in you?

About a month ago I was given the chance to attend a personal brand workshop through work and the above question was the first thing we were asked.  We were given some pre-work to do before the course. It asked you to look at your life as a business with a board of directors and you had to consider which of those directors are doing their job properly and which need an appraisal.  We had to give our director’s marks out of ten and then share our results with the rest of the room.

It really shocked me how low people marked their well being director, whilst all of the others fared rather well.  When questioned, the answers were all the same … ‘don’t have time’ or’ it’s waste of money’.  WHAAAT!!!!???!!!  Come on people this is your life you are talking about, how can’t you not have enough time to live?  To be honest those are excuses I use to make as well but in actual fact a more accurate statement would have been ‘I’m too damn lazy and impatient to invest in anything that I can’t see an immediate result from’.

Just before Christmas last year, the universe sent a message that was too big for me to ignore, so I made my biggest investment to date, and selfishly (or unselfishly) the investment was purely in myself and I have never regretted one penny of it.  One of my favourite phrases is ‘Put your own oxygen mask on first’ and as a young woman in the modern age, I think this is especially important (but I’ll save my feminist manifesto for another time).  You have to make the time to fit in what you need, whatever that may be.  It took me a long while to figure out what worked for me but so far my favourite combination seems to be HIIT training and yoga in equal measure, daily meditation (its only ten minutes … I bet you spend longer on facebook!), some journalling, clean eating (particularly naked bars and chocolate covered rice cakes), mindfulness, reading and plenty of sleep.  It sounds like a lot but the effort it worth it.

How well is your wellbeing director working for you?



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