How obliging

Last week I was listening to Gretchen Rubin (of The Happiness Project fame) being interviewed.  She was talking about how she identified herself as an upholder, a person who is motivated and will respond to both outer (from someone else) and inner (from yourself) expectations.  She confirmed that she was 100% an upholder and hadn’t seen herself as ever being a questioner, rebel or obliger.  (You can take the quiz yourself here.)

I didnt even know this was a thing, but I didn’t need to take the quiz myself, I knew exactly what category I fit into.  I’m a perfect example of an obliger and I always have been.  If someone asks or expects me to do something, I’m straight on it.  I will stick to a deadline, a budget and I will clear the decks to make it happen, both professionally and personally.  However whenever I set goals or expectations for myself, I very rarely make these a priority and therefore, more often than not, fail to achieve them.

I love any kind of reflective thinking and training so this has lead me to revive my love of blogging and make this my platform to deliver on my inner expectations.  In the last 18 months I have made quite a few significant changes to my lifestyle and well being but I’m not where I want to be just yet so I am hoping that by committing to myself, and this little piece of the internet, it can lead to me ticking a few things off my to do list.

Here’s to the beginning …


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