Finding a Routine

Most of the time my head and my heart are in conflict.  My heart wants to be wild and free, to embrace spontaneity and to enjoy the adventure.  But my sensible head tells me that I hate being unprepared, chaos and uncertainly make me feel uncomfortable and I’m way too easily distracted for this to be productive.

When I was pregnant I was one of those ‘this baby wont change me’ people … how naive I was back then.  I rejected any type of routine and tried to continue on my merry way with all of the care-free abandon that I had BC (before child!), this meant that the washing basket was constantly over-flowing and I had to shop daily.  This was less than ideal but manageable when I was on maternity leave, but when I returned to work it was just impossible, and I knew that I was going to have to make things work or I would end up in a corner, rocking.

Two years down the line, I’m still not great at it but I do congratulate myself at the end of the day, when we have got through the day with the majority of what we need.  I know what I should be doing and I know what works for me and i know what makes my day easier so this is the first thing that I’m going to work on and report back.

The night before …

  • prep breakfast and lunch for the next day
  • make up removal and skin care
  • in bed for 10pm
  • no phone in bed

The next morning …

  • snooze from 5.43am – get up at 6am … no excuses
  • getting showered, dressed and made up before everyone else get up
  • breakfast before or on the way to work
  • bags by the door

Obviously at a weekend I’m a little bit more relaxed but hopefully this can get my week off to a more organised start.


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